Below are a few of the questions we get from our clients - please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered here.

To receive an assembly quote/installation, call toll free @ (800) 330-6395 - please have the manufacturer and model number or store/website item number(s) available to expedite your request. We have a very large list of common items from (most) retailers.
Yes, there is a $75 service charge on all service calls regardless of simplicity.
This covers our travel, tools, and insurance.
We accept cash, check or credit cards.
This is dependent on the complexity of the items but normally take approximately 1 to 4 hours for furniture & fitness equipment.
Swing and play sets are usually scheduled for one or two full days (more for the much larger sets).
Approximate time frames will be given when you contact us.
We ask that you make every effort to check for visible damages on the boxes delivered to you, but sometimes issues do arise.
Should the technician find an item is damaged s/he will immediately inform you and help guide you on ordering the replacement parts.
Definitely - this is one of our highest priorities: ensuring that not only you, but your items and property are covered.
Our general liability insurance meets or exceeds most residential/commercial requirements.
YES! We offer a ONE YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY on all furniture & fitness assemblies and a 90 day workmanship warranty on all swing/play set assemblies. Because let's face it - your kids dont usually jump on your furniture...
Only within the room the item(s) are being assembled in.
Please have the items in the room prior to our arrival.

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